The 4th Annual Kirwin/Murray Tour de Falmouth is a charity bike ride benefitting the Falmouth Homeless Prevention Program, operated by the non profit Falmouth Housing Corporation

The 2020 Tour de Falmouth is scheduled for Sunday, October 11 at 8am with a rain date of Monday, October 12 (Indigenous Peoples/Columbus Day).

Covid-19 Adaptations

The Tour de Falmouth Committee understands the challenges of holding an event during this pandemic and has adapted to meet the restrictions outlined by the Governor and his various task forces as well as the Town of Falmouth.  We are supportive of these restrictions and committed to holding our event in a safe, responsible, and law-abiding environment to protect our participants, volunteers, and the general public.

Tour de Falmouth takes place outside, but in response to the mandate that outdoor gatherings involve no more than 50 people, we will split the participants into two separate rider groups of no more than 40 participants that will check in and start off at staggered times.  We chose 40 to allow room for our volunteers without crossing the 50 people threshold.  Masks will be required of all participants until they begin cycling and of all volunteers for the duration of their shifts.  There will be signs and markings on the ground separating people by at least six feet to observe masked physical distance while waiting in line to check in and waiting for the ride to begin.   We are providing reusable masks to each participant and volunteer, and hand sanitizer will be available.

Over the past three years, our average participation level has been about 80 people per ride.  We will cap the number of participants at 80 for this year’s ride.  

Our staggered check in/start timeline is:

  • 7am: Group 1 (no more than 40 participants, 10 volunteers) lines up and checks in.  We check people in via mobile devices owned by the volunteer.  Pens used to sign the insurance form will be sanitized immediately following their use.  Hand sanitizer will be available in abundance.
  • 8am: Group 1 takes off.
  • 8-8:30am: Volunteers clean all surfaces and areas used for check in, refresh signage and ground distance markings if needed.
  • 8:30-9:30am: Group 2 (no more than 40 participants, 10 volunteers) lines up and checks in, same process as Group 1.
  • 9:30am: Group 2 takes off.

Further Adaptations and Precautions

  • We have already ordered reusable face masks to distribute to our participants.  They are individually packaged.
  • Because of our strict mask mandate, we will ask our participants to enjoy their pre-ride breakfast before arriving to check in.
  • As riders return, there will be pre-packaged snacks and beverages available for participants to take with them as they leave.
  • We have canceled the post-ride gathering.

  All participants must wear helmets.

In the first three years, with participants and sponsors, we have raised over $115,000 for this much needed fund in our community. Please join us for another great ride!